Top 5 Stilo Race and Rally helmets

Top 5 Stilo Race and Rally helmets

When it comes to racing and rally helmets, Stilo dominate the market. As a dedicated motorsport helmet manufacturer, 100% of their research and development efforts, and budget goes directly toward creating helmets. As the industry leader, Stilo works closely with FIA and is the first helmet manufacturer in the world to reach the new FIA 8860-2018 standard, with the ST5FN ABP Zero, back in 2018.

If you’re taking part in competitive racing, you will need to ensure that your helmet complies with various Snell or FIA homologations, depending on your level of competition. We’ve included a brief overview of the FIA standards below, but it’s vital you check with your race organiser or local governing body to establish the exact requirements for the sport you are taking part in.

FIA 8859

FIA 8859 is the least strict of the FIA standards. Despite being the least stringent, FIA 8859 is still an exceptionally high standard and is adequate for use in competitive motorsport events where the minimum standard is required.

FIA 8860

Up until recently FIA 8860 was the standard requirement for international level events. With the roll out of FIA 8860-2018, this is slowly changing as Championships get updated to the new standard (see below). With this in mind, FIA 8860 is becoming the ideal standard for national level events that require higher safety standards.

FIA 8860-2018

FIA 8860-2018 is the latest 'benchmark' motorsport helmet standard, offering a number of improved safety features, including the increase in energy absorption, an extended area of protection for drivers and Advanced Ballistic Protection (ABP). FIA 8860-2018 became mandatory from season 2019 in Formula 1 and in the World Rally Championship for P1 crew, and will become mandatory for more Championships over a 3 year timeframe:

2019 Formula 1, Formula 2, FIA World Rally Championship

2020 Formula E, WEC

2021 Formula 3

Stilo offer a wide range of helmets, targeted at racing, rally and karting, for different levels and abilities. Here are our top 5 Stilo race and rally helmets, taking into consideration driver ability, competition level and budget.

Stilo WRC Des Zero 8860 Turismo

The helmet of choice of all WRC professional drivers, the WRC Des Zero 8860 Turismo is hands down the World's lightest and strongest rally and race helmet. At over £5.6k, the Des Zero 8860 Turismo is our most expensive helmet, reflective of its premium position in the Stilo product range.

Boasting the highest protection available—meeting FIA 8860-2018 safety standards—the Des Zero 8860 Turismo is an open face helmet and is particularly aimed at experienced drivers racing on the circuit.

Made from a high tensile T1000 carbon construction, this helmet is unbelievably light at 1.000g for the small shell and 1.160g for the large shell and is incredibly strong, too. Designed around the intercom and with integrated microphone boom and plug, the Des Zero 8860 Turismo has exceptional communication features. Supplied with two short visors, fitting kit and helmet/HANS bag and with adjustable microphone position, peak and earmuff pressure, this helmet is a top quality choice for experienced drivers racing in national and international motorsport events.
Like the Turisimo but are looking for more of a rally helmet? Check out the WRC Des Zero 8860, which is designed specifically for rally driving.



Junior Karting Model as this is where the greatest volume is by far, all young Karter’s must use this model under the age of 16.

Track Day

ST5 GTN Composite

This is the cheapest full face helmet in the range.

Club Racer 

ST5 FN Composite


Same shell as above but comes with a long visor

GT Helmet

ST5 GT Composite


It is available in either composite or carbon.

Part comms and has a drinks port option.

Want a full visor instead of a sunshade - check out the ST5 F Composite

Rally Helmet 

WRC Des Composite


WRC Composite is the most popular, but is available in carbon. This is the worlds most popular rally helmet with the built in boom and is fitted with Stilo WRC rally electronics to match its top end intercom range.