The New Driving Force Behind Race Car Parts

Dedicated to all disciplines in Racing & Rally, WASPP has been built and developed out of a career-long disappointment of part suppliers in the motorsport industry.

Our passion for racing, and our desire to support race car drivers and teams to achieve their goals, we're determined to make a difference: for the industry, for the customer, for the motorsport industry and beyond.

Customer service is at the heart of the team behind our brand. We sell race car supplies and performance parts but we're more than just products. We're putting ourselves out there - on the line - and though we're the underdog, we're bold, we're fearless and we're not scared to make a change. Even when that's as simple as getting things done and orders to your door on time.

We're committed to supplying the very best service to support the heroes of our sport. Our combined team has years of experience in driving, mechanics, motorsport teams and being on track and in the thick of it. Our goal is to become the leading force in delivering our promise to be the good guys: instinctively helpful and passionate about motorsport, and its community.


Ed Worthington

Director / Founder

Jay Shepherd

Director / Founder